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Cretalyst is the professional alias of Hardik Singh.
A graphic designer & lettering artist, based in New Delhi, India.
Making Logos and helping brands build their identity is what I do.

Email at:
to get started.

Logo Design

Diverse timeless marks, eternally suitable for your business.

Hand Lettering

Hand Lettering

Handmade lettering for traditional art lovers.

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

Identity design for businesses, includes logo, color scheme, typography,

patterns, and more.

Traditional Art


Traditional hand made illustration and calligraphy art commissions.

Buy Art Prints

Buy Prints

Buy exclusive art prints of  Ornamental Alphabets.

Monograms by Cretalyt

Monograms by Cretalyst

Monograms by Cretalyst

Meticulously handcrafted, custom monograms reflect craftsmanship and attention to detail, evoking pride and exclusivity. They hold sentimental value as treasured keepsakes, representing memories and legacies. With versatile applications across gifts, merchandise, and décor, custom monograms leave a lasting impression in various aspects of life.

Investing in these exquisite designs combines artistry, uniqueness, and the power to make a statement, creating a timeless symbol of distinction and elegance.

Contact me at to get quotes. Remember to describe how you are planning to use your monogram and for what purposes. Also provide info about your business to get accurate estimates.

Clients trust Cretalyst

Timothy Hanson
Visual Effects Supervisor
Valhalla Fx

“Working with Cretalyst for our company logo was a fantastic experience. Hardik is collaborative and responsive to notes with a fast turnaround. Excellent work!”

Cole Thorpe

I found his content by accident, and boy am I glad I did! His artwork is incredibly impressive. I commissioned a calligraphy piece for my girlfriend, and he was extremely helpful and communicative throughout the entire process. He helped me decide on a design and everything! I can't rave enough! I also highly recommend checking his Youtube and Instagram pages! Lots of good content there. 

Nikhil Kunder

He has created a amazing deck of cards with his amazing artworks. Each of the face cards are representing a kingdom from the Egyptian history. The part that impressed me most is not just the fact that each of the face cards are his artworks but every piece of work in creating the product, including printing, cutting corners of cards, the deck box , this outer package is handmade by him.

Clients of Cretalyst
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