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A painting series on motherhood.

Exhibited in MF Hussain Art Gallery of Jamia Millia Islamia, this series of paintings on motherhood mesmerized the visitors.

Isra is an MFA student studying in the Art Education discipline in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Jamia Millia Islamia. This series of works are part of her college work. These works depict the concept of motherhood from the eyes of the Artist.

All works in Oil on Canvas.

But why the red stripes on eyes?

Asked by many of the visitors, the red being the color of intense affection shows the blind love of the mother for her children. The mother who only cares about the safety and prosperity of her children, turns blind eye to her own joy and happiness. The love and sacrifice of a mother is the central theme of this series.

Idea of mother in the nature, a being who becomes the symbol of courage when it comes to her children. The protector, the home, the teacher.

What's with the bamboo imagery?

As described by the artist, bamboo a hard grass signifies both the rigid world of hardships and also signifies a plant species which adapts itself to harsh environments depicting that of tribal women.

And my favorite piece is this work where the mother uses same bamboo to protect her child which is caging and stabbing her.

And the birds?

Birds are the happiness, the ray of hopes visible only to the children and not to the mother.

The innocent children can see the happiness but can not do anything to ease the mother's hardships.

This one shows the journey of the mother through various stages of life, a life directed solely for the care of her child.

And this special piece is the portrait of Artist's mother where the frog represents the artist and the firefly is her younger sister. The frog with tongue out represents strength and firefly represents hope, depicting that the artist is the strength of her mother while her sister is her hope.

And here's the artist with her posters against animal cruelty.

You can see more of her works on her Instagram by clicking here.

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